Far reaching vision and financial independence

We’ve built a reputation as a market leader in the privately financed sector of new build construction.

Local authorities, government departments and other public bodies approach us for our experience, operating skills, creativity and flexibility. We finance each scheme through a tailored and carefully structured investment package. From inception to completion, we set out to develop long term, affordable solutions that meet our customer and end-users’ needs.

At Fitzrovia, we provide extensive knowledge of managing housing developments, driven from a sound financial base and forward-thinking philosophy, linked by working in partnerships. 

We work with an extensive network of consultants and specialists across London and the UK. We know our success lies in our principles of trust and reliability, truth and respect. All our staff are encouraged to reach their full potential and be part of our overall success.

We’ve founded our success on our ability to be a listening organisation. We are committed to working in partnership and understanding people’s needs. Our strength comes from our desire to control and create our projects in-house.

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